Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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Charles Cecil

Creative Director

Charles Cecil MBE ‘Industry Legend’ has over 30 years experience in games. In 1990 he founded Revolution, today one of the world’s leading adventure game companies. Charles, is a BAFTA Cymru award winner for BBC’s Doctor Who games, and was nominated for a Writers’ Guild award for Broken Sword - The Angel of Death. He Executive Produced Sony’s The Da Vinci Code game, and Robert Zemeckis’ Christmas Carol. Charles sits on the BFI and Screen Yorkshire Boards, is a visiting lecturer at York University and NFTS.

Charles has a particular interest in the narrative and aesthetic aspects of Interactive Entertainment and how this medium will develop with advancing technology. Charles regularly talks at national and international conferences and to mainstream press about creative and commercial aspects of the video games industry.

Charles, awarded the status of ‘Industry Legend’ by Develop (Europe’s leading development magazine), is on the Board of Governors of the British Film Institute (BFI) and Screen Yorkshire, the regional agency that supports film, television and interactive entertainment in Yorkshire. He is an Ambassador for BAFTA (Video Games); and a member of the Skillset Industry Council. Charles is a visiting lecturer for the University of York and the National Film and Television School. In 2011 Charles was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for services to the computer games industry.

Likes: Puns, Real ale, Fine food, Paris, Rowing, Football, The word 'delighted'.

Dislikes: The Priory of Sion.


Noirin Carmody

Executive Producer

Noirin Carmody founder and COO at Revolution Software is responsible for strategic business affairs. She negotiated the company’s buy-out from Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1998. She was instrumental in managing the shift from large in-house studio to core teams that include freelance specialists, and external work-for-hire companies, in anticipation of the emerging digital market.

Noirin began her career in Science and Technology policy and Planning. She joined London based US games publisher Activision in the '80s, where she launched the highly successful Sierra Online brand in Europe and later as General Manager was instrumental in the handover following the sale of the company.

Noirin is Executive Producer of Revolution’s games. She was voted one of the top UK 100 women in Games in 2013. Noirin is an elected board member of the UK Interactive Entertainment Games Association (UKie) and is a voting member of BAFTA. She has served on, and chairs Games Juries for the BAFTA Games Committee. Noirin is a Trustee at the York Museums Trust, and York Cultural Company. Noirin also sits on a number of advisory boards including York University, Creative England, and Yorkshire Television Society.

Likes: Walking, Fine food, Paris, champagne, New York, Photography, Travelling, Fine art, Guinness (secretly).

Dislikes: Real ale, awful puns, Monday mornings.


Joost Peters

Chief Technology Officer

Joost joined Revolution in 2004 as an intern researching for his masters in computer games, and has remained in the company ever since. He is now the technical director for Broken Sword 5 and has been heavily involved in the planning and implementation of its features. His particular areas of interest are Linux and PC programming. He ported the previous Broken Sword games onto ScummVM, revitalising interest in that area. He is probably the number one fan of Beneath a Steel Sky!

Likes: Games, Linux, Almost any alcoholic beverage, Squashing bugs, Nice Dutch snacks, Playing Metal at deafening volume through his headphones, Windmills.

Dislikes: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Afternoon tea.


Sucha Singh

Art Director

Sucha has been a part of Revolution Games since 1998 starting out on In Cold Blood and later as a lead artist on several projects.
Sucha previously worked for Psygnosis and afterwards freelancing for a host of other game developers big and small, but he’s always managed to find his way back to Revolution.

Playing and creating artwork for video games has been a childhood passion since his early C64/Amiga days and he’s still excited by the opportunities and challenges that each generation brings to the field of games art.

Likes: Games, Movies, Comics, Photography, Art and lots of Tea.

Dislikes: Aubergines.


Tobias Fossheim


Tobias set sail from Norway to York in the spring of 2018. However, he had already started his preparations at the age of seven, when he learnt English to play through the original Broken Sword.

Tobias has previously worked on mobile games, and was the founder of an Augmented Reality Startup. He has a passion for interactive storytelling, and is delighted to work with some of the best in the industry.

Likes: Friends, Learning new things, Cake, Music, Skateboarding.

Dislikes: Breakfast, Sharks, Waiting, Limp-wristed handshakes.


Emanuele Salvucci

Technical Art Director

A technical artist and one of the first Maya users since 1998, Emanuele first joined Revolution with “Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon” in 2001. He’s been dealing with art and programming since then, developing HDR technologies, image processing algorithms, small game engines and whatnot.

Back to Revolution, he takes care of our rendering technology, motion capture, various tools and, possibly, anything that “doesn’t exist yet”. If puzzled by something, he heads towards the coffee machine to make a proper Italian espresso. If you’re nearby, like it or not, you get one too.

Likes: Music, Wing Chun, 90’s Anime, Giving funny names to his tools, Soundbars.

Dislikes:  Faux people.


Ross Hartshorn

Lead Designer

Ross returns to Revolution after 14 years out in the wild west of the UK games industry. Having spent 13 of those years at Sumo Digital working on a whole range of titles including Dr Who, Snake Pass, Crackdown 3 and Team Sonic Racing, he returns to the place where his career began.

Ross' love of games began back in the early 80's on the Phillips Videopac G7000 and never looked back. Always looking for interesting story based games and unique gameplay experiences, Ross misused his youth sat in front of the TV, immersed in as many games as he could fit into the day. He's looking forward to bringing all the skills he has learned while working at one of the largest UK studio, back to Revolution.

Likes: Horror games, Twin Peaks, Anything quirky and off-beat.

Dislikes:  Bio's


Nina Roussakoff


Nina was born in Russia. Her career as evil-doer never worked out due to her lack of a bond-villain accent, so she joined Revolution in 2012 instead.
You can blame her for the Broken Sword 5 music puzzle, so perhaps there is hope for her yet...

Likes: Puppies, Llamas, and High-Quality game engines.

Dislikes: Bad manners.


Laurence Shaw


Archaeologist and video game enthusiast, Laurence has been a fan of Revolution since Beneath a Steel Sky and was thrilled to get a chance to work on the internal QA for Broken Sword 5, and it's Kickstarter.

An avid Game-Jammer, he's now moved into the development team where he can put those skills to use.

Likes: RPGs, Dystopian Fantasy, Roguelike games and Adventures, Anglo-Scandinavian Culture. Game-Jams.

Dislikes: Anachronisms.


Matthew Kemp


Matthew joined Revolution in 2017, after graduating from the University of York with a degree in Interactive Media. His engagement with the company began in 2014 after attending an industry talk held by Charles, and has been pestering him ever since. Involved in both Design and Development, Matthew is incredibly excited to be working on multiple projects to expand his skillset.

Likes: Virtual Reality, Hiking, Travelling, RPGs, Describing himself in intricate detail, Lord of the Rings Quotes, Holding alcoholic beverages in candid photos.

Dislikes: Long walks on the beach, Fake news.

Revolution Naoimh

Naoimh Murchan


Naoimh joined Revolution as part of a year in industry for her Interactive Media degree at the University of York. Excited to dive into writing lots of new code and a little design, she’s looking forward to seeing what a year at Revolution will bring. In her spare time Naoimh likes to cycle between sleeping and her part time gig as a Wood Elf Cleric.

Likes: Fantasy RPGs, Playing too much Dungeons and Dragons, Drawing.

Dislikes: Writing about herself in the third person, Geese.

Revolution Luke

Luke Ellis


Luke is one of the most recent additions to the team, graduating from University in 2018. An avid military historian, he usually gravitates to anything that has been well written, and has interesting characters. He's also a board game enthusiast in his spare time.

Luke's passion for games dates as far back as the Master System and really flourished with the advent of RPG's as a genre, which he has loved ever since. It has been a childhood dream for him to get involved in making them himself and he's eager to put his skills to the test as a Developer for Revolution.

Likes: RPGs, RTSs, Character writing, Military History, Lord of the Rings, Board Games, Acting, Schemes.

Dislikes:  The dice trying to kill him, How many people mistake Darth Vader to be his father...

Revolution Fredrik

Fredrik Fagereng


Fredrik joined the revolution team in March 2019 after graduating from Bournemouth University with a Masters Degree in 3D Animation.
Being passionate about art and animation, he is thrilled to be working on Revolution's projects as an animator and to expand his skill-set on anything animation-related.
Fredrik is proud and excited to be able to contribute to Revolution Software and the team.

Likes:  Drawing and Art, Film, History and Natural History.

Dislikes:  Bills, Open Office.

David Vaughan-Jackson

David Vaughan-Jackson

Community Manager

David joined the team in early 2018, having also graduated from the Interactive Media degree at the University of York in 2017 alongside his partner in crime, Matthew.
Having finally landed at Revolution, he's eager and delighted to take great care of our wonderful community.

David has a deep passion for a good story - wherever it can be found! - and has loved games from an early age. He hopes to pick up tricks of the trade and expand his skills so he can one day make games of his own as a industry-legend games artist. He's allowed to dream after all...

Likes: Anything Lord of the Rings, RPG's, Rugby, Warhammer, Coffee.

Dislikes: His over dependence on Coffee, Talking Goats.

Broken_Sword_Nicole copy

Catherine Fox

Community Support

Catherine has worked for Revolution for many years now, faithfully answering your email queries and Facebook comments. She also works tirelessly representing Revolution on Steam, and other community forums.

Likes: Responding to angry people in a calm and considerate manner, Metaphors, Resolving complaints, A clear inbox.

Dislikes: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Revolution Johanna

Johanna Skibowski

Community Support

Johanna joined the team as a translator in 2015. She has a Bachelor’s degree in "Media and Communication Studies" and "German Language and Literature". Currently she’s studying medicine and is working on the creation and further establishment of Virtual Patients in medical education.

Likes: All kinds of shoes and books, cardiology, coffee especially Latte Macchiato, the Lago di Garda

Dislikes: Seafood, horror movies.

George Nico