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Beneath a Steel Sky


Available for: pc mac ios

Released: 2009

Beneath a Steel Sky, the cult classic widely considered to be one of the best adventure games ever written, comes to a new generation of gaming devices.

When orphaned Robert Foster is hunted down, seized at gunpoint and flown a thousand miles to a city he’s never seen, he can only ask himself: why me? Escaping from his abductors, fleeing into a dark metropolis, Foster vows to solve the mystery and avenge the murder of the only family he’s ever known.

Make your way through intense narrative puzzle-solving, meet an array of unforgettable characters and, ultimately, uncover the terrible truth in this thrilling dystopian adventure.

This remastered version has many special new features, such as:

  • Stunning new animated movies from Dave Gibbons, co-creator of Watchmen
  • Context-sensitive hint system
  • Remastered audio track featuring re-sampled voices and higher quality music
  • English speech with Spanish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and English subtitles.


One of the most playable adventures of all time [...] A slick, funny, and absorbing adventure that will appeal to a wide variety of gamers--two thumbs up!

PC Gamer US

Setting a new benchmark for adventure titles on the iPhone, Beneath a Steel Sky retains all of its original charm while subtly updating itself for its new format.

Slide to Play.com

BaSS is a genuinely funny game, boasting the kind of clever humour that we all too rarely see these days […] Beneath a Steel Sky is an absolute delight.


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Best Port/Updated Re-release

Adventure Gamers' 2009 Aggie Awards

Original Edition

The original edition of Beneath a Steel Sky (released in 1994) is available on GOG.com for PC and Mac.

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Beneath A Steel Sky Soundtrack

The Beneath A Steel Sky soundtrack can be downloaded here.

Before using this support area be sure to check you are running on or above the recommended system requirements located at the bottom of this page.

No technical support issues for this game.

How do I poison LINC?

You need to get the tissue from the same room as you acquired the virus. Dip this into the liquid nitrogen using the tongs.

You now need to find a way to 'feed' LINC using the tissue.

How do I get into the storeroom in the factory?

Only robots are allowed in there.  The scanner will keep humans out.
So send Joey in there by asking him to go in for you.
Once he comes out, ask him for a report, and you should find that there's a way of getting past the scanner.
Have him disable the alarm via the fusebox.
He won't be able to do so until he has a new shell. You will need to get this for him.
Tell him to disable the fuse box for the alarm, and you can then enter.

How do I get out of the plant?

Platform: iOS

You can't go out the main door -- it's being guarded.
But talk to Hobbins, and you'll learn about the back way out.
The elevator that the transport droid uses will take you down a level, at least.
You will need to get the elevator working first.
Then you can go through the hole that the droid creates as it approaches the elevator and go down the next level.

System Requirements


Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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