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In Cold Blood

Available for: pc ps1

Released: 2000

You are John Cord, an MI6 Secret Service Agent dispatched to Vologia, USSR, to help track down a missing agent. You may be his last hope.

Captured by Nagarov forces, you are alone in a hostile country. You must escape, infiltrate, sneak and shoot your way through increasingly dangerous locations. Find out who betrayed you and get closer to the ruthless mastermind behind the plan to trigger a nuclear holocaust!

Enter the world of espionage and conspiracy in which intelligence and self control will be your only way out. Stealth or brute force… The choice is yours!

  • A gripping spy-themed storyline that will keep you entertained for over 60 hours
  • A great adventure gameplay with a mix of stealth, survival and action


Its mix of classic adventure-style gameplay, intriguing storyline, logical puzzles and just a touch of action make it a topnotch choice for fans of thought-inducing gameplay

Computer Games Magazine

It has a very solid story which actually makes sense, a good atmosphere, and very good graphics. Definitely a recommended title.

Game over online

In Cold Blood is a splendid adventure filled with humour and intrigue, challenging puzzles, and a beautifully scripted story. Thoroughly recommended.


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The Playstation edition of this game is no longer widely available. Visit GOG.com for the Windws edition.

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OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 • Processor: Pentium Memory: 64 Mb • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB • Video Card: Any video card with 64 Mb video RAM • Sound: Any sound card

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