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Broken Sword 3

The Sleeping Dragon

Available for: pc xbox ps2

Released: 2003

An ancient conspiracy. A broken code. An unsolved murder. Welcome to Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon, the multi BAFTA-nominated adventure.

Powerful seismic events are shaking the world. Something sinister is emerging. An ancient conspiracy, the secret of the Templars, and a fiendish source of pure Evil are responsible. The death of a back bedroom computer hacker in Paris is just the beginning of another extraordinary adventure for George Stobbart and Nico Collard.

Once more George and Nico must travel the world, wrestling danger, and piece together the clues which will unravel the secrets of the mysterious Sleeping Dragon.

  • Includes breathtaking 3D graphics
  • A powerful and unique interface
  • Submerge yourself into Broken Sword universe with The Sleeping Dragon's unique visual style.


A stunning achievement. With a solid story, engaging characters, stunning visuals, and delightful dialogue, this is one adventure you simply won’t be able to tear yourself away from.

Game Chronicles

George’s finely crafted witticisms and Nico’s finely crafted, er, investigative skills make the game a pleasure to play; the plot is engrossing and really pushes you to keep gaming.

Gamer's Pulse

A shining example of what this genre is capable of, and it comes as close to perfection as any recent adventure game has.


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Best Adventure Game

Just Adventure (2003)


Best Design, Best PC Game, Best Adventure Game

British Academy Video Games Awards (2003)


Excellence in Writing

Game Developers Choice Awards (2004)

News on this game

No general support issues for this game.

Before using this support area be sure to check you are running on or above the recommended system requirements located at the bottom of this page.



Crash when trying to save a game

It is possible that the saves directory has not been created. Make sure the directory C:\Program Files\THQ\Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon\Saves exists.


Ensure you have DirectX9 installed correctly.


Game will not start on Windows XP

Reduce audio hardware acceleration. To do this click on on Start -> Run -> type dxdiag -> Sound -> Move the 'Hardware Sound Acceleration Level' slider down to 'Basic acceleration'. This is resolving the majority of XP startup problems. Try running the safe version of the game, it is found in the game folder. - If you are using any refresh rate fixing programs like nvRefreshTool then disable these before running the game

Game won’t start on Windows 98/ME

Try running the game in a different resolution. 800 * 600 is a good one to try. Set the refresh rate to 60Hz. Open the control panel, Click on display, settings, advanced, moniter, and set it to 60HZ.


Music is not playing properly

Run dxdiag, go to the sound tab and reduce the soundcard hardware support. Try reducing it one step at first, but you may have to reduce it to zero.

No Speech in game

Open up the Control panel, select Sounds and Audio Devices, then select the audio tab. Where it says "sound playback" click advanced, then in the "Speaker Setup" field choose "5.1 surround speakers".

I can only cycle through two wine bottles in the catacombs?

Platform: PC

Try walking away until the camera changes, then walk back.

System Requirements


OS: Windows XP/Vista • Processor: Pentium3 750MHz or equivalent • Memory: 128 MB • Graphics: 64 MB • DirectX®: 8.1 • Hard Drive: 1 GB

George Nico