Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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From the very outset, our vision has been to make Beyond a Steel Sky our most ambitious adventure to date. We re-invented conceptual innovations going back to our earliest adventures. 

We’re pleased to say this vision is very close to being realised, but – as the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed – the original release date was penciled in as late 2019. Owing to a need to extend the development period, we can now confirm the launch of Beyond a Steel Sky will come a few months later in 2020.

This extra time is being used to ensure that we realise our vision: Integrating conceptual innovations like Virtual Theatre and system hacking into adventure gameplay; Innovating with graphics technology in ToonToy; Working closely with Dave Gibbons to create a beautiful visual style. 

As a reminder, Beyond a Steel Sky will still be coming to Apple Arcade, PC, and console. You can wishlist the game on the Beyond a Steel Sky Steam store page - the game will be available through other stores, and we will update you closer to release. 


We’ll confirm a release date early next year – I’m sure you’ll all appreciate, we don’t want to give a more precise date until we are absolutely confident of achieving it. :-)

In the interim, if you want to keep up with all updates and news, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and you can also join our Discord Channel - a fantastic space to come and share your excitement for Beyond a Steel Sky, Broken Sword, or any of our other games!

For now we truly appreciate your patience, and we’re looking forward to sharing more and more Beyond a Steel Sky goodness throughout Christmas and the New Year.

As always; Be Vigilant!

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  1. Paul
    The ability to pre-order and/or gift this for Christmas would have been nice :-)
  2. Andy Lindfeldt
    I've been waiting for a sequel for a quarter of a century. A few months more or less is no reason for panic. :-) I really do hope the music will be faithful to the original. If I see screenshots of Beneath a steel Sky I hear the music in my head. Same thing with Monkey Island. You really can't have Monkey Island without the themesong in some variation.
  3. Mira
    "We re-invented conceptual innovations going back to our earliest adventures." My greatest fears: - Puzzles are gonna be super easy and it'll mostly be a casual game. - The game will be even shorter than the first BASS.
    • David Vaughan-Jackson
      We really appreciate your concerns, but rest assured we're doing everything we can to stay true to the original game as much as possible. We're also not afraid to make puzzles challenging, so there should be lots to keep you occupied we hope! Stay tuned for more updates, and hopefully we can further reassure you of any worries you may have :)
  4. Filipe Prata de Lima
    Thank you for making this, BASS has been one of the greatest aventure games of all time for me, love the story. So my question is, where does this game sit in the timeline of the original BASS? Few years later? Are there relationships from the original events to this game's storyline? Haven't found much information online on how this one connects with the original story :-)
    • David Vaughan-Jackson
      Hi Filipe! Beyond a Steel Sky is set 10 years after the events of Beneath a Steel Sky :-)

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