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Dev Diary # 1 - A Revolution Catch-up!

Posted:  23 / 08 / 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to our First Developer diary for Beyond a Steel Sky!

This is the first amongst a series of updates that will come out monthly (or more frequently we hope) and will be purely dedicated to sharing anything and everything Beyond a Steel Sky (or BASS2 for short). Gameplay? Behind the Scenes? Concept Art? You betcha!

First of all, if you’ve been following us - whether through our Social Media feeds, through the Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter, or just recently - thank you so much! We’ve always been so indebted to our community for their patience, support, and enthusiasm in what we do, and the games we make.

Welcome to Union City 10 years on!

If you’re new to us, make sure to check out our Discord channel, a thoroughly great place for us to all come together and talk about… well, anything! And make sure to keep an eye on our Youtube channel for any trailers and gameplay videos that’ll be coming out for Beyond a Steel Sky. And finally, of course, keep an eye on our Twitter /Facebook /Instagram for all our updates and live-streams as they come.


So, Beyond a Steel Sky  how is it made...

Doesn’t it look awesome! We’ve got SO MUCH in store for you all!

It’s been a long time in the works, but it’s finally coming. We’ve really wanted to share it earlier, but we wanted to wait for the perfect moment. With the Apple Arcade announcement, it was just right!
It’s not a 2D game like we’ve tended to do in the past, or like it’s predecessor Beneath a Steel Sky, but it still holds the core values of all our games, so don’t be scared! Everything we've learnt in nearly 30 years of game development is being channelled into this, and we aren't messing around.


OK! What’s next then?

Besides here, we’ll be active as usual on Facebook & Twitter, but we're also kicking things off with our new Discord channel, and we're also reviving our Instagram and our Twitch channel to do some occasional Livestreams.

Between all these there’s plenty of ways to keep track of what we’re doing, where we’ll be, and what’s coming. 

We’ll also be at a few events - most recently, we were at Gamescom this week and had a blast! Although we weren't there in a public capacity, we had a fantastic time and it was a joy to meet everyone there. You can be sure that there’ll be lots and lots of information about Beyond a Steel Sky coming out from now on - just keep your eyes peeled!

The last time we properly showed off anything, it was at the Apple Event back in March with the announcement of Apple Arcade. If you've watched our new Gameplay Trailer,  read the IGN First Look article, and watched the Apple Arcade announcement, then you're all up to date!


Why aren’t you talking about any Development Stuff yet? This is  a Dev Diary.

Nothing gets past you! Well, right now we’re working our way towards a Beta - so that can hopefully tell you roughly how far we are into the game. Things are going well and the game is coming along leaps and bounds every day, but it means we’re also still ironing out a few issues...

Why settle with one when you can have 2?

So far we’ve got the majority of mechanics implemented, puzzles plotted, puns at the ready, and updated artwork being added by the hour - we’ll be telling you all about these things in depth in the following weeks we promise!

For now, make sure to keep checking in on us from time to time so you can be updated with any game info, and other Revolution info as it comes out!

8 Responses

  1. lucas
    Hey, the game really looks great! I played the first one and I loved the dialogs and the good jokes! will see foster and joey toghether again?
    • David Vaughan-Jackson
      We're glad you're excited for Beyond A Steel Sky! You'll definitely see Foster, but you'll have to wait and see about Joey!
      • Samuel
        Bonjour, take my money :-O L attente fût longue. 27 ans :-p I have BASS on Amiga, on PC CD ROM and PC floppy whith the Comics. It s my favorite game with egality Monkey Island Thank for the good game. I want play the BAAS 2 soon. Sorry for my english.
  2. Peter
    Looks great, one of my favourite games. A remake of Brass would be nice.
  3. Guy
    Hoping the dialogue and humour is smart. The dialogue and humour in your games ever since Broken Sword 5 has a completely different feel compared to your older adventures. Not sure if it's missing Cummins or not, but I hope it can replicate the feel of those games he wrote with you. Game looks great btw, very much looking forward to the sequel!
    • Guy
      Dialogue like "yeeeeeeees!" and "*sigh* what now?"reads like something off of Tumblr, so it has me worried. Don't think your older adventures ever needed to write elongated (like how a young girl would typically do) or emphasize sighs in the dialogue like that. Reads like dialogue aimed at kids like a Nintendo game. Worried about the humour now too.
      • Guy
        Your characters in early broken sword for example were so memorable because of the strong writing and dialogue. When I look at the dialogue in those games you can just feel a lot of love was put into it and that it sounds like it was written by very witty and skilled writers. You can just feel when the writing is good cause it's confident, witty and intelligent. Unfortunately the dialogue in BS5 was lacking a lot of this feel. So much of it was very flat. Unsure if the writers you use now are lazy or just not as skilled.
  4. Stuart
    I know I'm late to the party commenting now, but I hope there's plenty of northern accents in the voice acting like the original game. That was such a big part of the original's charm for me, and I remember the dialgoue from that game very fondly.

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