Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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As 2017 draws to a close, Charles has taken the opportunity to don a Santa hat and offer his annual Christmas monologue.

Like the three ghosts in 'A Christmas Carol', he looks back for inspiration, talks about where we’re at now, and gazes into the future. We were tempted to take the analogy further, and liken him to Scrooge, but didn’t feel that it would reflect the goodwill expected of this festive season.

Over the course of the year gone by, the company have moved office, brought Broken Sword 5 to new platforms, and begun work on the very early stages of what will be our next game. As Charles explains in the video, we hope to push the adventure game genre forward whilst simultaneously revisiting elements of our past.

We thank you once again for all your support throughout 2017; we hope you enjoy what we have in store for the year, and years, ahead. Click play on the video below to find out more about our plans and, as always, we’re happy to answer (as best as we can) each of your questions via social media or email.


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