Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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We are really thrilled by the reception that you have given the full game since its release on PC / Mac / Linux. Thank you for all your feedback.

Despite extensive testing beforehand, a few bugs slipped through and we are grateful to you for reporting them to us. We have recently updated the game on Steam, and Humble. The update features a new ‘Start from Episode 2’ button, as well as some bug fixes: the occasional glitch where George and Nico disappear; a crash that affected some players in the scene before the cable car; issues with graphics during the cable car scene; instances when the outro movie won’t play; the bells puzzle reset bug. In addition, problems with the developer certificate in the Mac version from Humble have also been rectified.


The PSVita version is now with Sony Europe, and will release before the end of this month. Customers who purchased this episode as part of a bundle will, naturally, be able to download the second episode for free.

iOS and Android will be following this release, and due to app size, the second episode will now be made available as a separate app on the App Store and on Googleplay. Please keep your eyes peeled for updates about this in due course.

The backer Android update will be provided via Humble, and will require you to download the second episode as a new app. We will notify you by email when this is available.

Backer Rewards

Backers who pledged an addition $50 for a limited edition resin goat made by Emma Sumner of the OotG were the recipients of our very first physical rewards, which were posted out a couple of weeks ago along with their certificates of authenticity. Any backers who have yet to receive their certificate will need to email with their unique goat number (written on his hoof!) so Catherine can ensure you receive the correct certificate for your troublesome goat pal.

Rolf was in the UK recently to work on a film project and Charles used the opportunity to meet and give him the exclusive Golden Goat that Emma made for him. He was absolutely delighted. Thanks, again, to Emma for her goaty generosity.


We are currently manufacturing the components for the exclusive Backers Edition boxes, as well as the other rewards. As we have said previously, we are a very small team trying to best balance the completion of the game on mobile, with sourcing and production of rewards, and then working out how to deliver over 12,000 rewards to 3,500 backers all over the globe. We are so grateful for the patience and support you have offered us so far with the process. Within the next couple of weeks we will be sending out an email asking you to confirm your address and rewards. Please ensure that you follow the instructions in the email closely, to allow us to send your goodies to you!

Thank you again for all your kind messages, and request for information about Broken Sword 6, a Broken Sword movie, and Beneath A Steel Sky 2! It’s great to hear so much enthusiasm and it is inspiring Charles’ imagination no end! So who knows…?

And finally… The German television program Reload spent a few days with us around the release of Episode 2. This was broadcast on German national television and is now on Youtube. The section about Charles runs from 17:35 - apologies that there is no English subtitling.

Very best wishes from sunny York,

The Revolution Team.

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