Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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Last Wednesday, 23rd April, saw an exciting time for the Revolution team, as we were kindly invited by Apple to host a live ‘Meet the Developers’ at the Apple Regent Street flagship store. Myself and ‘Anonymous Revolution Employee #1’ Alex travelled down by train late on Wednesday afternoon from York, whilst other remote team members hotfooted their way to London from all over the UK.


(Image: Barry Banks


Upon arrival at the Regent Street store, we were greeted by the sight of rows of patiently waiting Broken Sword fans. Barrington Pheloung’s soundtrack quietly added to the atmosphere of anticipation. A black backdrop accentuated the bright red Revolution logo on the two screens at the front. Charles was busy rushing about greeting the many familiar faces, some of whom had come hundreds of miles for the event. We seated ourselves to the right of stage.


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(Images: Barry Banks


Charles took the stage and his natural oratory skills took over, guiding the guests through the process of the initial game conception, the early stages of the Kickstarter campaign, all the way up to the release of Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent’s Curse Episode 2 on April 16th. Barrington then spoke briefly, describing his wife’s love of adventure games and explaining how this inspired the responsiveness of the music to the action in Broken Sword 5. Finally, the fans were treated to an old school meet and greet with Charles, Barrington, Noirin, Tony, Emma Tate (Nico in the English version of Broken Sword 5), Toby Longworth (Hobbs and other characters in the English version) and Rob Rackstraw (Shears and other characters in the English version). Comics were signed and many people got to meet their adventure game heroes for the first time.



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(Images: Barry Banks


Following this, the Broken Sword team made their way to BAFTA on Piccadilly for a much deserved Broken Sword 5 drinks party. Also present were some members of the Order of the Goat: a group of Kickstarter fans who pledged allegiance to our goat friend from Broken Sword: the Shadow of the Templars. We had a great time meeting them all, and there was much wine, future project chatter and speculation!



(Images: Barry Banks


A great big thank you to all the staff at the Regent Street Apple Store, the cast members, BAFTA and the Goaters for making the evening so enjoyable!

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