Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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From when you first enter the Baphomet area:

  • Speak to the painter and exhaust all conversation.
  • Inspect and interact with the paint can.
  • Enter into the building through the opened gate on the right.
  • Try and enter the washroom on the right.
  • Speak to the guard and exhaust all conversation.
  • The guard gives you the set of keys.
  • Use the set of keys on the washroom door and enter the room.
  • Interact with the sink to get a close-up and automatically be holding the soap.
  • Use the set of keys on the bar of soap while you are holding it.
  • Use the plaster of paris on the imprint of the key in the soap.
  • Interact with the left tap on the sink to wet the plaster of paris in the soap.
  • You will not see George wet the soap; inspect the bar of soap to be sure he states that the bar of soap is now filled with wet plaster.
  • Interact with the hand dryer to dry the plaster and get a plaster key in inventory.
  • Attempt to leave, but the guard wants his set of keys.
  • Speak to the guard and use the set of keys in inventory to give them back.
  • Head outside and attempt to use the plaster key on the bucket of paint hanging to the right of the painter.
  • Head back inside the building and call Nico on the phone next to the guard and ask her to talk to the painter.
  • Head back to the painter and inform him he has a phone call.
  • When the painter is out of sight, dip the plaster key in the bucket of paint.

You will need to have exhausted the conversation at each stage as explained above to trigger the next part of the story.

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