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Thank you so much for supporting us by purchasing our Merch!
To make sure we do right by you we want to be very up-front about how things work.

It would mean a lot to us if you read it all, but we’ve made the effort to link The Biggest Hits:

PRIVACY: How we treat your data
ORDERS: How things work
REFUNDS: When we can and can’t refund you

Let’s dive right in…


PRIVACY: How we treat your data

A copy of your receipt will remain in the system we use to fulfill your order. Other than that we will not store your information anywhere, especially not locally. If we ever have to make an exception, we will contact you for permission first and stay transparent all the way through - That’s a promise!

Things we’re able to see:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Order contents
  • Payment & checkout process methods (like if you used VISA or Paypal)

Things we won’t be able to see, ever:

  • Full card details - the most we might have insight in are the last 4 digits of your card, but also only on very specific types of transactions, and that might vary by region.

These are the only purposes your information will be used for:

  • Verify your identity if needed
  • Payment
  • Ship you the items you ordered
  • Emailing you your receipt
  • Emailing you an order confirmation
  • Emailing you updates on your order (estimated shipping times)
  • Potential returns (read more about these further down)
  • Our internal taxes

Can we remove you from our records:

Some of the information we need for our legal records, taxes, etc. But it’s not going to be public anywhere, ever. If you want us to remove any information governed by your GDPR rights, drop us a message at [email protected]

Weird use cases:

Potentially at some point we’ll use accumulated data of the backend to look at charts to see where people purchased from and maybe even post something up like “Wow, people in *country* sure like *thing*” and to help improve our offering, but this is never going to be about an individual. You’re not added to a mailing list, and we will never use the contact information you provided at checkout about anything else not relating to your purchase. If you find yourself signed up to our mailing list you might have signed up separately, and if that bothers you please let us know and you will be removed immediately! You can always find the unsubscribe button in any newsletter, and you can subscribe and unsubscribe however often you fancy with almost immediate effect. No hard feelings 🙂


ORDERS: How things work

Shipping times & Delivery:

This is a rough estimate, your emails should tell you exactly what to expect. But as a rule;

  • Europe: 6-8 days
  • USA: 3-4 days
  • International: 10-20 days

“Days” here means “days on which the postal service in your country delivers”.
Some countries will not deliver on weekends, some countries have specific holidays during the week, and on top of that every country’s post service is different. All these variables will reflect how quickly your order will reach you.

On top of this, we’re still dealing with a global pandemic which might impact fulfillment times. This is a factor we have absolutely no control over, yet will do our best to navigate through. We thank you for your patience, and understanding during all this weirdness.

Please note that some items may even be shipped and delivered separately.
We’ll try to avoid this, but our priority will always be to get things to you as quickly as possible, so if an item is holding up your order, we are not going to wait around for it!

Where do we ship from?

Every item is made on demand. We work with an order fulfillment company with facilities worldwide, so hopefully as close to you as possible!

What’s “On-Demand”?

On-demand means that your items are created specifically for you, once you place your order with us. This means no unnecessary waste, and no insane global shipping emissions. It’s better for the environment, and us as small creators, as it doesn’t take up any storage in our offices 🙂 This means more time and space to work on making games!

It does mean however that your items may take a little longer to arrive, as we factor in creation time. (See: “Shipping Times”)


REFUNDS: When we can, and can’t refund you

Before we dive in here we want to explain that our potential to refund will be extremely limited, as your orders are created uniquely for each checkout, and because we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

Every time you email us:

  • do it from the same email you checked out with, if possible
  • State your full name
  • State the first line of your billing address
  • Include your Order Number
  • Include the number of the article you are messaging about (or name the article)
    If you manage this you’re indisputably very cool, and no one can take that from you.

Let’s cover some scenarios:

A – Order failed to deliver
B – Order damaged in transit
C – Item arrived faulty
D – Wrong size or item
E – Changing your mind
F – Right To Cancel

A – Order failed to deliver:

If your order fails to deliver because of a wrong address and gets sent back, we’ll contact you, confirm your address with you via the email you provided at checkout, and re-arrange delivery.
The first time this happens we’re happy to pay for your re-delivery.
If it happens more than once, we will ask you to pay postage.
Cancelling the order is possible, but if the order was placed more than 14 days ago, we can not provide a refund and your item will go to charity.

B – Order damaged in transit:

We love the Royal Mail, and other postal services so much, but this does happen.
Please be kind to them, they work super super hard, and provide such an essential service.
Contact us via email: Describe the damage and attach a picture of how it arrived. We'll take it from there. Every damaged delivery is different.

C – Item arrived faulty

If your item arrived damaged, please contact us immediately!
We’ll need pictures to send to our supplier and raise this issue with them to continue to provide the quality we want you to associate with our merch.

  • Contact us email: Describe your issues with your purchase and attach images of the damage.
  • Repackage the item in the original bag: Include the invoice with the item number, and please write in clear readable text what was wrong with the item.
  • If we can’t provide you with a return label we will find a way to discount your next purchase, we’re still figuring things out!
  • Disclaimer: The item needs to be unworn/unused in order to receive a full refund. If the item was worn we reserve the right to go case by case.

D – Wrong size or item

  1. If your order arrived wrong: different item, size, or colour
    Email us a picture of your order confirmation, and a picture of the item you received. We will make sure to correct your order.
  2. If you want to exchange to a different size or shirt
    We really really urge you to look at the size charts before ordering!
    Because of COVID we don’t accept opened orders, so please make sure you ordered the correct size!
    For other situations, please go to “Right To Cancel”

F – Right To Cancel

For your best chances of a refund:

  • Tell us ASAP: You have 14 days from the moment you ordered
  • Keep your item originally packaged and unopened: We can’t accept opened items.
  • Contact us before you send it back!

We hope we got everything correct here!!!!
Our TOS might change over time as the merch store is super new to us so keep checking back!
Hope this wasn’t too dry of a read 🙂

If you notice something missing and have questions please contact us: [email protected]

We love you all lots,
Your team at Revolution