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Lure of the Temptress

Available for: pc mac atari_st dos amiga

Released: 1992

Trouble is afoot in the once peaceful land of Turnvale. Skori warriors (vicious mercenaries under the control of the mysterious Temptress) have arrived. But who is the Temptress, and more importantly, where is she?

The first game from Revolution, Lure of the Temptress is a point and click adventure full of testing puzzles and memorable characters. Move, talk, search and fight through a complex games world, interacting with a supporting cast of intriguing individuals, to unravel the mystery of the Temptress.


A worthy first effort and a glimpse of what the game studio has to offer in future endeavors.


Monkey Island fans will lovingly embrace Lure of the Temptress […] gorgeous graphics and superb sound to complement testing puzzles and succulent gameplay

Amiga Action 34

The graphics are very good compared to other games from this year and impressed many with its details and environment. If you like a good adventure game you won’t be disappointed.

Classic Trash

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#22 in 50 finest Atari ST games of all time'

ST Format Magazine (1993)


This game is available for free at GOG.com.

News on this game

Mar. 1, 2015

Our 25th Anniversary
Revolution was founded 25 years ago this month - in March 1990. To celebrate our silver anniversary, we...

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Missing item bug

Platform: Linux, Mac, PC

There is a bug in the game which prevents you from completing it, originally added as a form of copy protection prior to the game being available as freeware.

To fix this, you have to choose the 'Restart Game' option, as soon as the game begins. If you don't do this, then at least one vital item (the tinderbox) will not appear and you will get stuck.

Before using this support area be sure to check you are running on or above the recommended system requirements located at the bottom of this page.

No technical support issues for this game.

No hints available for this game.

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